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Above are some corporations I've helped in the decades of my career


I am an upper management executive, mentor, leader, and go-to player. Being initially from the east coast my strongest credential is my PhD. in *Results*


With my varied background I am comfortable in all types of environments and bring Fortune 500 dynamics to mid-sized and startups. I manage people with an inviting personality and proactive support and positivity.


I maximize every dollar spent on platforms, automations, and clear procedures to more effectively run any-sized corporation with the least moving-parts and minimized financial overhead - they then run efficiently for decades thereafter. My flagship achievement was the savings of what was proven to be 100 man-hours every quarter through an automation I devised for a financial firm. 

My goal is always to make CEO's happy through my diverse insights into Creative Technology, the fusion of Tech & Experience into one.


There is no genre of corporation I can't benefit. There is no business model I have unfamiliar with. There's no corporation size I am not experienced within. There is no internal process I can't hone down with maximal automation with the resultant cost-savings rippling through for years. 

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